DRISHYAM 2 – Are you ready to delve into Georgekutty’s vision?

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Hi again!

So, most of you already know that the original Malayalam language film, Drishyam is back with a sequel– DRISHYAM 2. It’s currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

 I, being the dedicated Malayalam film buff had to watch it the day it was released. Having watched it, the first thing I’m going to do is write about it here. But let me tell you it’s not exactly going to be a review. I’m not that fond of writing reviews. Who am I to judge other people’s work? So, just consider this my journal where I mostly write down thoughts I get while watching something. This page is for the stuff that ran through my mind when I was watching Drishyam 2 and some stuff that lingered on my mind, afterward.

Warning – Although I’ll not be writing the spoilers, at least not consciously. It might still give you an idea of what the plot is all about. So, I warn you to proceed with caution !

The first film ended with Georgekutty ( Mohanlal ) leaving the newly established police station with a flashback revealing the secret that solely belongs to him in the cinematic universe of Drishyam. In the real world, we, the audience now know that he had buried the body on grounds of the police station itself.

All I can say is the end of the first film and the beginning of the second film takes place in the same place and night. That fateful night in that police station. Georgekutty wasn’t alone but he doesn’t know that yet. Who was the other person and why wasn’t he seen in the first installment of the film is for you to find out.

The timeline of the main plot of the story is set to 6years after the incident. Georgekutty is revealed to be the owner of the film-theatre. Throughout the entire run of the film, you hear that he is going to be a film producer and he keeps paying a visit to a scriptwriter whom he is paying a lot to write a story that is his idea. But Georgekutty keeps delaying the start of his film production for 3 years because he is not happy with the climax.  Why so? The answer to this question is crucial to the plot and it’s also the reason behind Georgekutty’s unbroken confidence. The answer is wrapped up in the last of the twist.

As the plot unfolds, our quest to find out his real life and his film’s climax grows stronger. The fact that there’s still no climax to Georgekutty’s real story and his film’s story makes you wonder if they are connected. You will have questions- Does his film based on his own life, especially the unfortunate incident? You’ll start to have questions within a question. Why would he make a film out of that incident and expose himself? There’s a lot of Whys. Some you’ll figure out and some you won’t until the end. That way, it will hold your attention by its grip till the end.

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The first half of the plot deals with George’s family’s struggle to adjust to life post the incident. Georgekutty may not live in that much fear of being discovered because unlike his family, he is not just simply being on this uncertain ride; he is in fact on the driver’s seat, controlling the car. The fear has got to his elder daughter, Anju ( Ansiba Hassan), and wife, Rani ( Meena ) with the younger daughter, Anu (Esther Anil) shown as having nerves of steel much like her father. The second half, however, is shown from the perspective of the police force. It deals with their quest to find the truth, leading to their subsequent struggle to keep up with Georgekutty who has always been five steps ahead of them.

The first film ended with the clue being given. We know where the body is buried. Yet we will feel an element of mystery and suspense as our mind will be tricked into believing there must be more to the clue and the story. That’s the magic of Jeethu Joseph‘s screenplay writing and also direction. The dialogues are thought-provoking. It makes you think about it. It’s certainly from a writer who is a keen observer of people’s behavior and he gave those behaviors a form with his dialogues so that you can interpret them easily.

One such dialogue still lingers on in my mind at this moment.

[ The one who committed the crime would never say it.  Who will be in trouble because of that? That person indeed.

But that’s not the case with people who know about the crime. They can make mistakes. As years pass, the possibility of getting it from them keeps increasing.

What’s the reason? Their fear would reduce. Confidence would increase. ]

This dialogue was quoted by the new IG Thomas ( Murali Gopy) who is secretly reinvestigating the case. He is waiting for somebody to spill the beans. He believes that somebody could either be the family member of Georgekutty or someone who has seen something but hasn’t realized so far.

Thomas’s attitude to solving the case reminds me of Agatha Christie‘s quote from one of her books.

” Everybody always knows something. Even if it’s something they don’t know they know. “

This is not the only thing to have reminded me of Agatha Christie. There are lot more things. Truth be told, I thought the writer’s modus operandi itself reminds me of Agatha Christie. I have never seen anyone else coming this close to her fineness when it comes to suspense thrillers.

The film also shows how the public changes their opinion depending on their mood. In the first film, they were against the police force because of constable Sahadevan’s mistreatment towards Georgekutty’s younger daughter. These same people are now co-operating with the force because their sentiment towards his family has changed with the change in his sudden financial and overall growth.

The film also focuses on how two mothers dealing with their respective struggles.

In the first film, we had seen Varun’s mother, Geetha’s (Asha Sharath ) struggle to deal with Varun’s disappearance. As she wasn’t aware of his accidental death, she didn’t know what to expect. Being the IG, she was used to discovering dead bodies and investigating them, but being the mother of a missing son, she was living in fear that she might discover her son but not in living condition. She was clueless and angry but holding onto hope even though her guts told her he wasn’t alive.

Georgekutty’s confession covered in metaphors at the end forced her to accept the truth that Varun is not going to come back to her. She was freed from her fear and suffering, only to be pushed into agony. In Drishyam 2, we see her living with a quest to find her son’s body and to take revenge against the entire family of Georgekutty. The rage kept her going. She is living only for that. She felt that she owes it to her son.

On the other hand, another mother, Rani is still struggling to adjust to life post that unfortunate incident. She feels deeply about it but she stays strong for her daughter, Anju who is a nervous wreck. She is also sympathetic towards Geetha’s situation but unable to help her. She is still living in fear. Fear of losing her child if the body is discovered. Not knowing where the body could have been buried meant she is unable to guess whether there is a possibility of the body being discovered. She is not freed from her fear and anxiety, unlike Geetha. Her life lacks mental peace.

Rani’s situation also reminds me of Agatha Christie’s quote from her book, Death comes at the end.

” Fear is incomplete knowledge.”

In the film, there was a song ” Ore Pakal “ that describes Rani and her family’s situation.

I’ll write down a few lines from the same song, translated into English.

” Will the dark memories vanish like a rain drying up?

Or have our silences become too heavy with burden?

 The future awaits…

Thus life endlessly moves on….and on.. “

Georgekutty was arrested with the discovery of the body but he got away with it again. How was the body found and how did he get away with it again? Well, answers to these questions will be answered by the same answers that will answer the other questions I asked a while ago. Even though he was triumphant in his attempt to save his family again, you will feel sorry for Geetha and her husband for their loss, once again but there’s nothing one can do.

Just like the Judge in the film said to the IG after Georgekutty’s acquittal.

[ Everybody knows the truth but… can’t prove it. In reality, both these families deserve justice. But we will never be able to deliver that Justice to them. ]

In the end, I look at Georgekutty and thought of Sisyphus. He and his family’s constant worry is a perfect embodiment of Sisyphus’s eternal punishment for eluding his fate.

Anyway, I think the makers just invented a concept – ” Clue within a clue and twist within a twist “. I liked it very much and I’m pretty sure you too will fall in love with it if you’re into suspense or psychological thrillers.

That being said, I have to say, I have watched so many psychological films from so many parts of the world but very few can match up to the standard of Malayalam films. They have mastered the art of psychological thrillers or dramas. They have always managed to come up with a fresh plot and their realistic approach is commendable. I can name a few examples like Fazil’s Manichithrathazhu (1993) and Poovinnu Puthiya Poonthennal (1986), Padmarajan’s Innale (1990), Lal Jose’s Classmates (2006 ), etc.

Before I sign off, I must tell you that Satheesh Kurup‘s cinematography was a delight to watch. His sense of light, colors, and framing will communicate with you. That’s for sure.

P.S: I think I may have given you a lot of clues. I hope you’ve not cracked it because I genuinely want you to watch it and experience the thrill ride that Jeethu Joseph is going to take you on.